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One Point Perspective

2009 September 8
Posted by CeLeBiEz_wawa

What is it,what’s one point perspective?
One Point perspective is an image, on a flat surface (paper). And when you look at the picture then you will notice that     the distance from the eyewitness increases, for example if you’re drawing a one-point perspective, you’re picture needs one    vanishing point which are often use is typically used for drawing roads, train tracks, or buildings viewed, so that the front is directly facing the viewer. Several objects that are made up of lines also in a straight line parallel with the viewer’s line of sight or directly at right angles can be represented with one-point perspective.

This, is an example of on point perspective.In this picture the vanished point is at the road,way at the back.The picture is very nice and neat.The person who draw this picture uses only 2 color with different tones, which is white and black.


In this picture as you can see,the vanished point is way at the back underneath the door and there’s many colors in it but the work was not as neat as the black n white picture above. So, I assume that if we put the picture above and this picture  together then it’s gonna be extremely perfect!!


My one point perspective!

As you can see this picture, we easily tell that it has one perspective for the reason that this picture has one vanishing point, which is on the horizon line. First, to be able to create this piece of work I did quite a lot of research but I came up with idea that was very comparable to my friends along with the similar colors. So, I decided to add several colors to my work to make texture in the picture.


I’m I surprise with the outcome? What could I improve next time?
When this piece of work was completed I was not incredibly amaze and I think it’s not too bad. I like the clownds that I drawn and the blue sky. But, it really needs to be little bit neater specially the name on street. Over all, I think its okay.

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